cPanel Server Management: Improving the Security and Performance of Your Website

cPanel Server management and support
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Are you looking to improve the security and performance of your website? We have the perfect solution! At Duocollab, we offer cPanel server management services to ensure your websites are secure and running smoothly.

cPanel Server Management Services

Our cPanel server management services include a wide range of options to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, or specific projects. With us, you will have specialized technical support and 24/7 monitoring, as well as infrastructure and technology advice, security configurations, installation and configuration of third-party software, website migration and optimization for WordPress-Woocommerce sites.

Infrastructure Advice

We help our clients choose the right infrastructure and technology for their project. We offer support for different types of servers, whether it’s a VPS (Virtual Private Server), dedicated server, or cloud servers with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Google Cloud.


Within the services we provide, you can count on our technical support team, who will take care of any server issues, main software changes, bug fixes or restoration, allowing you to focus on your business.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

We take care of the 24/7 monitoring of your cPanel server. In case of any problems, we will contact the server provider or data center, as well as the website developer, to correct the issues as quickly as possible. This way, we guarantee that your website is running without interruptions.


Security is a priority in our company. We take care of firewall configuration and server hardening, as well as keeping all installed software on the cPanel server up-to-date. We also perform automated backup configuration to ensure your website is protected against any threats.


We know that projects grow over time, and an important part of that is integrating new technological tools. Therefore, we perform installation and configuration of third-party software on your cPanel server. We stay in communication with software providers to resolve issues and keep everything up-to-date. Some of the applications we have experience with include LiteSpeed Web Server, Imunify360, CloudLinux, JetBackup, WHMCS, Redis, Memcached, Softaculous, among others.

We can also provide support in different configurations required in most projects, such as DNS configurations, SSL, Email, PHP language in its different versions and modules.

Migration and Optimization

The Duocollab team will take care of migrating your server or WordPressWoocommerce websites. Additionally, we will perform optimization adjustments on the website to improve performance and security by configuring cache, security plugins, CDN, and database optimization. Finally, we will provide a report with other optimization recommendations for your team.

Additionally, we want you to know about other services we offer to fit your needs and budget, which are:

  • High-performance Premium Hosting.
  • Websites and online stores administration (WordPress – Woocommerce).

We provide you with our optimized server to deliver the best performance, in addition to supporting higher traffic, which is ideal for online stores or landing pages of your marketing campaigns. Our team offers a 360° service to accompany you from start to finish in your digital project.

If you are interested in having your own cPanel server or require advice during the configuration process, do not hesitate to contact us at +1(954)-837-6847 or write to us.

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