WordPress hosting plans for entrepreneurs and companies powered by LiteSpeed Web Server.

Web Hosting

Designed for entrepreneurs and micro businesses

Unlimited websites


SSL Let’s Encrypt

Website builder

LiteSpeed + LSCache

$3.68 USD/month


Hosting optimized for eCommerce

Dedicated RAM/vCPU resources

X4 Performance and speed

More simultaneous visits

Woocommerce Hosting

SSD NVMe storage

$4.88 USD/month


Solutions for medium and large companies

Unlimited websites

Dedicated RAM/vCPU resources

X6 Performance and speed

SSD NVMe storage

Unlimited inodes

$16.88 USD/month

All plans include

Free domain for one year (.com, .com.co, .co, .net, .org)

NVMe SSD storage


LiteSpeed + LSCache

SSL Let’s Encrypt

Website builder

WordPress Management by Softaculous and WordPress Toolkit

A simple interface to launch and manage WordPress websites.

  • Create and restore backups.
  • Create Essays.
  • Duplicate or delete sites.
  • Launch WordPress Multisite.
  • Configure automatic updates.

LiteSpeed WebServer

WordPress Hosting

Maximum performance for WordPress sites – Woocommerce

Optimized event-driven architecture of LiteSpeed ​​Web Server, capable of handling thousands of concurrent clients with minimal memory consumption and CPU usage. See all WordPress hosting plans.

Replaces Nginx and Apache

When you switch to LiteSpeed ​​Web Server, you can be sure that your sites will experience measurable improvements in speed and resource usage. With LiteSpeed’s advanced built-in caching engine, you can eliminate the need for HTTPS reverse proxies or additional third-party caching layers required with Apache. Also, LiteSpeed ​​stores compressed cache files, where Nginx does not.

LiteSpeed Web Server - Hosting in Colombia
WordPress Plugin LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress

With the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin you can speed up your WordPress – Woocommerce websites with minimal effort.

Manage cache accurately with LSCache’s powerful tag-based Smart Purge technology.

LiteSpeed ​​Cache easily handles peak traffic and daily loads alike.

Allocation of assigned resources

Allocated server resources

WordPress Hosting

By obtaining a hosting account with us, you will access an environment more similar to a virtual server than to shared hosting. Your hosting account will have server resources allocated to speed up your WordPress – Woocommerce sites up to 10x.

RAM and vCPU

Our hosting plans come equipped with allocated RAM and vCPU at an incredible cost.

PHP Selector

Simple graphical interface to manage PHP versions, variables and extensions (Memcached, Redis, OPCache, among others).

Easily manage your hosting preferences with cPanel, the world’s most widely used server management software.

Create email accounts with your domain name.

Manage your security preferences.

Monitor resources and statistics.

Create your website with a few clicks.


The best technology for your business

Professional email

Create your own domain-based email addresses for personal or business use.

Multiple Websites

A single online presence for all your brands.

One-click installation

Over 400 apps available for pre-installation, saving you time.

Terminal access

Work faster with SSH and develop in PHP, Node.js, Ruby, MySQL, Perl, and Python

Protection and security

Your website protected and monitored 24/7.

Scale on demand

Take advantage of on-demand capacity to help your business grow.

Get your website online fast

Migrate your website with zero downtime or launch a new professional website faster than ever.

Free website transfer with no downtime

Rely on a process and a team of experts to move your website to Digital Services.

  • Zero downtime migration keeps your website/business online
  • Hassle-free and proven process
  • For accounts with 1 to 3 databases and/or websites

"We have the tools, resources, support and knowledge to help you take your business to the next level. And we are happy to help".

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Contact our experts 24/7/365

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